Jim Cooper

"An imaginative improviser, Cooper delivered quicksilver solos and propulsive rhythms..."AZ Music Scene 


Visited Notre Dame last weekend and heard the Monterey Jazz Fest on Tour, great show.  I hadn't been on that campus since 1983 when I played at the Notre Dame Jazz Festival.  One of the judges was Milt Jackson.  Though I didn't get to meet him, the NEIU combo won first place. Look who was in the band: Greg Rockingham, Kenny Davis, Jesse Davis, Art Porter and myself playing piano and vibes.



New CD Release!

I'm really exciting about my new CD, Make Someone Happy!  Not only does it feature my Chicago buddies pianist Bob Dogan, bassist Danny Delorenzo and drummer Joe Grass but, also the amazing Ira Sullivan on tenor and soprano saxes, trumpet and flute. There's some magic moments on this recording and some tempos! This is what a live jazz concert is all about, creativity, soulful playing and taking chances on stage.  Made in 2000, it sounds like it was recorded yesterday, timeless jazz.

Make Someone Happy is dedicated to Lakeshore Jazz Connection, who sponsored this and many more jazz concerts in Saugatuck, Michigan.